How Do You Begin Planning
For Your Future?

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    One step at a time. This journal is designed to be used as a daily devotional to build your understanding of Who God Is and Who You are in Christ. 21 Days of focusing on scripture that builds your confidence and lead you towards clarity about what you are called to do. It's also the second step to learning how to plan God's way.

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    If you:

    • are looking for something different than the same-old-same-old style devotional
    • want to walk into their destiny, start a ministry, begin working on their start-up business
    • are tried of helping everyone else accomplish their goals while yours sit by the "Awaiting Side"
    • need encouragement
    • want to rekindle, refresh, ignite the passion they once had in Christ
    • are a new Christian to a seasoned Christian

    Then the 21 Days of Silence: A Journal for Refreshing your Soul & Embracing Who God is and Who You are in Christ, is for you. Purchase it Now!